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Mike Maccagnan was asked to OSRS Gold

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    Mike Maccagnan was asked directly if the team is OSRS Gold tanking, but denied using that word."That’s not our focus," he responded, via NJ.com.

    "We are focused on building this team for the future, and that's kind of our goal all along. It's going to be a roster of opportunities and a very competitive roster at a lot of positions, in terms of players with the opportunity presented to them and we'll see how it unfolds."Tanking is one thing, but a this is a complete teardown of the roster. Looking at the depth chart, and you just see plenty of one-year players, or players with a little bit more time in the league, but with limited experience.

    Jets to part ways with Eric Decker as roster overhaul continues, report says Joe Rodgers The offensive line has been completely rebuilt, and as a result is unproven. The defense has some potential, but again, doesn't have the playing time that would inspire much confidence for this upcoming season.

    Obviously the roster looks bad on paper, but we at least have to give this team an opportunity to show what it can do on the field. But don't surprised if they finish with a worse record than last year's five-win season. Former NFL WR James Hardy III found dead in Indiana river | NFL | Sporting News.

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